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technical difficulties 
2014-11-09 14:15
A ferocious lightning strike during a storm last month took out a bunch of hardware here. I had power surge protectors on everything, but this apparently hit the phone line. It fried the modem and bounced through the network ports to take out the motherboard in Cot's hackintosh and a router being used as an access point. Not content in stopping there, it passed through the AP and hit my 2007 iMac.

The modem was a cheap Vodafone-branded Huaiwei one. It would not start up at all, just sitting there will all lights on once powered. After a few emails, Vodafone sent me a replacement, asking to return the original (by freepost, amazingly).

Directly behind this, was Cot's hack, a TP-link router being used for wifi, and a D-Link gigabit switch.

The D-Link survived unscathed, as did my old PC and 2009 MBP connected behind it.

The logic board in Cot's hack was completely dead. I have since replaced just the board (keeping old CPU) and the system is running fine.

The TP-link had all its network ports toasted. Wireless still works. Will have to see if I can use as a repeater...

My 2007 iMac running OS X 10.9 Server was connected to this and suffered the same fate as Cot's hack. I'm left with choosing between getting a replacement logic board from ebay or building another hack. This is an incredibly well designed machine, so I will probably get a board if i can...
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